Sunset Tripzoom


The mobile Tripzoom-app has been developed as a proof-of-concept to improve the personal mobility of travellers and to share information.

We created Tripzoom and three pilot areas in Enschede (NL), Gothenburg (SE) and Leeds (UK) to investigate and test

  • how we can help travellers to get better insight in his/her own mobility pattern;
  • what kind of incentives people value;
  • how we can use social networks to share mobility profiles and create a social experience.

A new personal travelling service

The mobile Tripzoom-app helps to improve  the personal mobility of travellers and to share information.

Be informed. Tripzoom shows exact how you travel. Where, when, how long and what it costs. Master you own travel behaviour.

Be smart. Tripzoom gives you insight in the way you have travelled and helps with personal suggestions to make the right travel choices.

Be rewarded. Tripzoom gives you rewards based on the way you travel. Take the challenge and be rewarded.

Travelling made social

Tripzoom is integrated with social networks like Facebook and Twitter to make traveling a social experience an to let your family, friends, colleagues or buddies help or challenge you in making the smart choice.

Compare your behaviour.  All your trips together, produce a mobility profile. Get an overview of the modalities you use, and compare your behaviour with that of a friend.

Encourage and challenge  friends. Share your favourite trips and mobility profile with friends and family to let them experience how you travel smart. Take part in a challenge with your friends.

What about privacy?

Privacy is a number one priority in our innovation project.

Be in control. Tripzoom collects personal data to get insight in your behaviour. As an owner, you are always in control of your own data. Share with us what you like, but don’t share if you don’t feel to.

We respect. We are dedicated to respect your personal data and conform to all relevant EU and national privacy and data management regulations. We  inform you exactly what kind of data is collected by Tripzoom and always explicitly ask for your consent.